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Polyurea Floors

Polyurea Flooring

What is Polyurea coating?

Polyurea is a chemically resistant coating that can be used in virtually any application. Polyurea is 20 times stronger than epoxy and 98% more flexible! Its’ surface is durable and can withstand UV rays of the sun. Making it ideal for walkways and poolside applications.

  • Resistant to chemicals including gas and oil.
  • It wont crack.
  • Does well well indoors and out.
  • Great surface for work areas.

Polyurea is your solution for commercial kitchens, bath and shower rooms, garages, porches, sidewalks and basements.

Polyurea Flooring

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How does it install?

Polyurea is applied through several steps that we mastered while training at the manufacturers certification program in Minneapolis, MN. Citadel is an industry leader in Polyurea science and application methods. Citiadel offers comprehensive factory training for installers, which our team has attended.

Other flooring options sometimes aren’t rugged enough for heavy traffic, wear and tear. Epoxy floorings aren’t suitable for interior and exterior applications. We think that Polyurea represents an attractive and affordable solution for a host of indoor and outdoor uses. With a durable and easy to maintain surface it’s easy to sere why! Interested in using Polyurea for your project? Give us a call today.